Tanktrailers and truck repair shop

TIMARS TRADE is an established trading company offering several exclusive agencies for the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish market from various European manufacturers.


Among these agencies you will find French tank manufacture MAGYAR, the successful collaboration with Timars has lasted for over 20 years, yielding sales of over 150 units. You will frequently see freight transported using MAGYAR tankers on the roads.

Other agencies include Italian tank manufacture MACOLA with road tankers for LPG, LNG and other gas products.


TIMARS has a structured organisation providing an excellent network of workshops. We have an established collaboration with certifying bodies and road authorities for both domestic and international approval and use of the products

Products and services


Magyar was established in 1945 in the city of Poligny, situated in the Jura region, of Eastern France. Initially the production was predominantly for equipment destined for the edible industry.

Truck repair shop

Timars Truck repairshop can offer a wide range of service for trailers. Our workforce are highly skilled with many years experience gained from various types of service and repair assignments.


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