Magyar was established in 1945 in the city of Poligny, situated in the Jura region, of Eastern France. Initially the production was predominantly for equipment destined for the edible industry. At that time carbon steel was in common use.

In 1950 MAGYAR was one of a few companies that started to use aluminium and stainless steel in tank manufacture, including the introduction of new welding processes and technology into the manufacturing facility.

In 1991 utilisation of stainless steel in tank manufacture reached over 3000 tonnes. Today MAGYAR is the number one manufacturer in Europe for stainless steel tankers, with an annual delivery of more than 1200 units and over 500 employees. Production is completed at 4 factories within a range of 60 kilometres from Dijon, 300 kilometres south of Paris.

The company group continues to see growth and an increase to their market share across Europe. A dynamic sales policy and investments in continuous research and innovations, especially on safety, has lead to a reliable and successful supplier.

The MAGYAR products are bespoke solutions based on client requirements, offering a wide range of options for the transportation of both edible or ADR-classified liquids. Tanks variants available for rigid, semi trailers, drawbar trailers, tank wagons, tank containers and swap bodies. Continuous development and investment ensure the latest advances in design and technology.




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